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Special Education Program

Mee-Yah-Noh is a district site for Community Learning Skills and Interactions Programs.  These programs serve the needs of students with cognitive delays and students identified with Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Students in both programs are organized into 5 classrooms: Primary, Intermediate and senior.  All students are valued members of the Mee-Yah-Noh family and take part in school events and activities at their appropriate level of ability.


Interaction is designed to meet the special education needs of students with Autism Spectrum Disorders who have difficulty with social relationships, behavior, and communication.  Programming based on individual needs and abilities helps each student gain academic and life skills, and to develop and apply communication skills and socially appropriate behavior.

Community Learning Skills

Community Learning Skills supports students with moderate cognitive disabilities and significant developmental delays.  Programming focuses on assisting students to learn and use basic academic, and personal skills in the classroom, school and community.