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Lunch & Nutrition

It is expected that most children who live within walking distance of the school will go home for lunch, however, for those who have to stay at school, we have hired staff to supervise during the lunch hour and outside for the balance of the lunch hour.

The individual rate for each child is $20.00 per month. Payment of the lunchroom fee is due at the beginning of every month.  Non-payment of fees may result in lunchroom privileges being revoked.

We are aware that on occasion you may need to have your child stay at school for lunch for those students who stay on an occasional basis the cost is $2.00 per day payable to the student’s lunchroom supervisor.

There are no microwaves available for student use.

There are a number of students that have allergies to nuts and nut products.  As a result of the potential threat to health for these students, we ask parents not to send any nuts or nut products to school in lunches or snacks.