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School Handbook

Code of Conduct

The Mee-Yah-Noh Code of Conduct has been developed to clearly establish the expectations for all students at all times. Each classroom teacher will review the “Think Before you Act” program with the class to ensure that students understand what the expectations are.

 We believe all students should: “Think before They Act”

  •  Might there be physical contact?
  • Might I hurt myself?
  • Might I hurt the body or feelings of others?
  • Might I break or damage property?

Being good citizens’ means that all students are responsible for the decisions they make and our policy holds each student accountable for his/her own actions.  Should a student fail to meet the expectations established in the Code of Conduct for appropriate behavior, it may result in any of the following consequences: problem solving, parental involvement, and loss of privileges, in-school suspension, out-of-school suspension, restitution for theft or vandalism and/or perhaps a referral to another agency.

Student Behaviour at Recess

Recess is a time for students to get some exercise and have some peer involvement.  To ensure that all students enjoy a safe and fun recess time we have set up the following expectations:

  • No Body Contact
  • Use School Equipment Only
  • Use Equipment Appropriately
  • Use Polite Words
  • Do not throw rocks, sticks, ice, snow, grass, sand, or wood.
  • At Mee-yah-Noh School we play safe and have fun!

Positive Behavior Plan

Our ultimate goal at Mee-Yah-Noh is to produce responsible, well-rounded citizens who know what it takes to succeed. We believe good citizenship should be taught, expected, encouraged and rewarded. We provide programs of instruction that foster growth and success for all our students. Our GOTCHA program has been developed to highlight and reinforce good choices. Students who comply with school and class rules may be rewarded in the following ways: Awards, stickers, classroom privileges, assembly acknowledgements, monthly draw for good behaviour, class and school wide celebrations, positive referral to the principal, positive note or phone call home, special helper and free time

 EPSB Sexual Identity and Gender Orientation Policy

In 2013, Edmonton Public School Board passed a policy to support safe and caring schools for everyone who is a part of our District’s schools. This policy specifically protects against harm and bullying based on gender and sexual orientation.  As a result of this new policy, each Edmonton Public School must identify staff members to be Safe Contacts in each school and share the names and locations of these people with our school community. At Mee-Yah-Noh School the Safe Contacts are Mrs. Boer located in Room 9 and Mrs. Speelman in the office.   The Safe Contacts receive appropriate training to ensure inclusive communication and support to sexual and gender minority questioning students and their families to feel safe, valued, respected and included in our school community.

 Progress Reports

Progress reports are issued three times during the school year. Reports issued in November and March are followed by a celebration of learning. We encourage you to attend these celebrations as it shows your children you value their education and it affords opportunities to share their learning. If parents have additional concerns, a conference can be arranged at any time by calling your child’s teacher or the principal.

 Agenda Books

The school agenda book is to be carried by all Mee-Yah-Noh students to help them meet academic success.  Please check the agenda book daily to see what needs to be done or for comments made by the teacher.  Student agendas can be used in many ways such as, to record daily homework assignments, upcoming events, long term projects and needed supplies.  This book is another way for teachers, staff and parents to communicate with one another.   Thank you to the PAC for covering the cost of the agendas.

 Absentee Check Program

As a safety precaution, it is the policy of Mee-Yah-Noh School to contact a parent if a child is absent. For your convenience we have a 24 hour telephone answering machine available.  Parents are asked to phone the school at 780-475-1929 to indicate any student absence. Please provide your name, your child’s name and class, and the reason for absence.

 Attendance Policy

Regular attendance and being on time are critical factors in student achievement. We ask that students who are late report to the office for a late slip before going to class.

Should attendance become an issue (e.g., when student attendance is less than 85%) the school will follow these steps: The school will monitor student attendance and if required a letter informing parents/guardians of the concerns for lates and/or absences will be sent home. Lacking improved performance, the Alberta Learning Attendance Board will be contacted. This Board has the power to consequence parents and caregivers for chronic attendance problems. The school will continue to monitor progress and will proceed to an Attendance Board hearing if required.

 Administration of Medication

Prior to medication being administered by the staff or self administered by the student at school, it is district policy that the school has an up to date completed ‘authorization form for administration of prescription drugs’ on file at the school.  Additional information and forms are available at the office. 


It is usually the case that children who are too ill to go out for recess are too ill to be at school. Children with severe colds or other illnesses are usually unable to function well at school and risk possible sharing an infection with others. Please consider keeping your child at home until they are feeling better. If a student becomes ill at school we will call the parent, guardian or emergency contact to come and pick them up.

Inclement Weather Policy

Recess for elementary children is a necessity to provide a break from the regular school routine, use the washroom facilities, have a chance to get some fresh air and run off some energy. Please ensure that your child is dressed for the weather so that he/she can enjoy recess time. We will cancel outdoor recess only when it is raining or temperatures fall below the limits established by Edmonton Public Schools.

Bicycles, In-line Skates, Skate Shoes, Scooters, Skateboards, Good Neighbour Policy

We ask that if a student rides their bicycle to school that they walk their bicycles from the edge of the school grounds to the bicycle racks.  This is to ensure the safety of all students.  All bicycles should be parked and locked in the racks provided.  To help prevent bicycle thefts, please ensure that the cable or chain and lock are sturdy and are of good quality.  We ask that students not bring in-line skates, skate-shoes, scooters and skateboards to school as there is no room in the school to store them and there is always a possibility of them going missing.  Our students are asked to be respectful of the community by not littering on the way to and from school.  Students should walk on the sidewalks and not on neighbourhood lawns.

Toys, Trading Cards, Electronic Devices/Cell Phones/Cameras Policy

Students are encouraged to leave toys, trading cards and all electronic devices at home.  The school will not be responsible for their loss.  If a parent requests that a child have a cell phone at school, it must not be a distraction during school hours.  Consequences of using a cell phone during class time without permission would result in the cell phone being kept at the office until the end of the day.  Students must not take photographs of other students as this is a potential violation of the provincial statutes, The Freedom of Information and Privacy Act.


It is important that we have accurate information in order to reach you in case of emergency.  Thank you for promptly forwarding any changes to your address or home and work telephone numbers to our school office.


If you see a person…..

  • On the roof of the school
  • Throwing objects at windows or doors
  • Shooting weapons of any kind
  • Destroying shrubbery or playground equipment
  • Lighting fires
  • Committing any other suspicious acts

 Call 780-423-4567 (Edmonton Police Service).  Give the name and location of the school and a brief description of what is happening. You may also notify Edmonton Public School Security at 780-429-8295.